Information on the objectives, the area, the violet copper, important habitats and the project structure. If you want to have the project details offline, you can download them here and either save or print them. The project leaflet is available as take-away at events attended by us as exhibitors.

Projekt Folder [English]Projekt Folder [English]

Flyer "Invasive alien plants"

Sorry - in German only we offer a download on one of the most critical threats to biodiversity: Invasive Alien Species (IAS). Within LIFE Patches & Corridors we want to eliminate the Himalyan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) in our project area. Increasing the public awareness on the problem is a key factor of our efforts, since private gardening and green waste disposal is the major source of neophytic plants. Thus one measure was to publish and spread this leaflet. Additional imnformation on Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum) and Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) are given, too.

NeophytenFlyer invasive alien plants (German)

Attractive alternatives for alien plants

Here you can find a collection of native plant species to plant in your garden instead of alien plants. However, for successful planting consider the different site conditions of each plant. For further information ask a local gardener or the staff of the Biological Station.

Attraktive Alternativen Native alternatives to alien plants


The biological station is present on different public events and wants to draw the visitors attention on our projects. We offer information on different topics - depending on the issue of the event. Our exhibition boards on the LIFE project "Patches & Corridors" mediates with large illustrations and short texts what our project is about and what we want to achieve with our nature conservation measures.

Interested in supporting our project? We built up our exhibition boards on your event! Do not hesitate to contact us!


Poster 8th International Symposium on Butterfly Conservation

At the beginning of April we presented the contents of our project at the 8th international symposium on butterfly protection in Southampton/GB. The poster presentation was an opportunity to get in contact with nature conservationists from different countries. The individual species of our area were not as interesting as our problems or the way to deal with them.

Poster Southampton

Presentation on the Catch-Mark-Release study with the Violet Copper

At the symposium on butterfly protection and the 21st UFZ-Workshop on population the population biology of butterflies and zygaenid moths from 14. -16. 3. 2019 in Leipzig, we had a platform presentation on our CMR study on the Violet Copper. Results on its population size within different habitats, on the adults life-span and on its dispersion ability were presented. (German slides only).