Natur conservation measures

How the network will be established...

A precondition to connect populations of the Violet Copper is the identification, development and conservation of stepping stones and corridors.

Actions and means involved:

in the woods

  • removal of fir forests from the alluvial plain
  • Initializing the development of bog woodland, alluvial forests and forests of slopes, screes and ravines
  • Improvement of alluvial forests by selective forestry and initial planting of bistort rootstocks (Bistorta officinalis),
  • Reintroduction of Which Elm (Ulmus glabra) on sites typically inhabited by forests of slopes, screes and ravines

on meadows and pastures

  • Establishment of extensively used meadows on fir forest clearings,
  • fencing of existing wet meadows, brooksides and sources,
  • Reintroduction of management in wet fallows by either annually alternating mowing or grazing with low stocking rates, both in late summer/early spring
  • Control of the invasive neophytic plant Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera)
Cleared corridorForest restructuring
FencingOptimize fencing
Himalayan BalsamControl of Himalayan Balsam