750 Alders

November 17, 2023

teaser-bildTeam during planting

Over the last few days, we have taken advantage of the wet weather. The project and the work team planted 750 black alder trees on the banks of the Tiefenbach, Belgenbach and Holderbach streams.

This native tree species, which is adapted to the wet soils of the alluvial plain, replaces the non-native spruce. Spruce trees, which were only introduced to the Eifel at the beginning of the 19th century, were and are planted purely for economic reasons. On the wet soils along the Eifel streams, they are extremely vulnerable to windthrow and displace native plants and animals from the species-rich wet meadows and forests. An unfavourable place for forestry anyway. For spruce in any case.

The work team is made up of a foreman and six young people who are completing a federal voluntary service programme. They carry out all kinds of work for the Biological Station.